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Track Review: Closer // Country Club

The brainchild of UK-based artist Leon Holmes, Country Club has an innovative and eclectic sound. Inspired by acts like The Strokes, Portishead, Massive Attack and Gorillaz, Leon nods to the psychedelic sounds of the 1990s but adds a contemporary twist. Featured on Liverpool Noise, The Other Side Reviews, FV Music Blog and Mersey Radio, Country Club is reaching people across the globe. The latest addition to his evolving discography is the single ‘Closer’.

From the first second, Country Club grabs your attention with the ambient single ‘Closer’. Superbly layered, the various instrumentation melds with hushed vocals giving the impression of several contributors; however, it is but one person on his laptop. A one-man band, Leon fuses guitars, drums and synths in a hypnotic lo-fi way. The thing is, while ‘Closer’ is a cinematic soundscape you can hear influences of trip-hop and indie-rock interspersed throughout.

Following the grungier, grittier hip-hop singles ‘Naivety’ and ‘Temporary’, Country Club shows his versatility and eclecticism as an artist. Honing his developing sound, ‘Closer’ does a complete turnaround with hazy, fuzzy backings and ethereal vocals. Filled with individuality, the seven-minute-long single gives off an otherworldliness in the musical journey. Yet, while there is a surreal sensation to ‘Closer’, it is Country Club’s dulcet tones that both act as an anchor but also as a haunting trace of nostalgia.

To be honest, ‘Closer’ is almost indescribable. In fact, Country Club is indescribable. All I know is the seven minutes went by too quickly. I can’t wait for more from this boundary-breaking act.

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