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Track Review: Colombian Spice // Robert Vendetta

While he may hail from Norway – a country I imagine filled with sleet and snow – Robert Vendetta is anything but. A shock of brightly coloured suits and sunglasses, this funk artist is warm, vibrant and vivacious. Describing himself as “retro-pop”, Vendetta fuses the sounds of James Brown and Elvis creating a unique sound of his own. The latest single from this hot musician is ‘Colombian Spice’.

Already a phenomenon on four different continents, Robert Vendetta has a loyal following across the globe. He has performed for the Norwegian royal family and had TV spots in Norway and Mexico (a country adores), so he knows what he’s doing on stage. ‘Colombian Spice’ is a mere continuation of that sassy, sexy personae.

A step back into the 50s, ‘Colombian Spice’ is a tribute to James Brown but with a bit of a personal edge to the cheekiness. Incorporating those typical Brown-esque “ow” and “huh” backing lyrics, I can imagine Robert doing that iconic James Brown dipping and pulling oneself on one’s leg – I really don’t know how he did that. It’s like Michael Jackson’s moonwalk – you can try to mimic it but will probably land up confused with a broken bone.

Anyway, back to the music. Combining dynamic guitars, toe-tapping drums and a body-moving piano, ‘Colombian Spice’ will have you dancing from the outset. Described as a song about “someone so hot you have to dance”, the track is a sonic representation of obsession and lust. Designed to make any object of affection to blush with pleasure or give you a bit of a wiggle when walking away (or both), ‘Colombian Spice’ will blow your mind!

By the way, Robert is releasing a video for ‘Colombian Spice’ on the 19th February, 2021. Keep your eyes peeled for this!

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