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Track Review: COLOR BLIND // Annemarie Picerno

Proving she is not one to be pigeon-holed, Annemarie Picerno merges blues, country, soul, rock and pop in her unique sound. Hailing from the USA, this singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist create music that is engaging, moving and meaningful. Critically acclaimed, with a few awards to her name (Josie Music Award, The Gran Royale Music Award and LDM Radio Music Award), Annemarie pushes on with relentless intrigue. The latest addition to Annemarie’s discography is the single ‘COLOR BLIND’.

Follow the lighthearted ‘Mr Santa’, Annemarie showcases her versatility with the slower, steadier blues-inspired ‘COLOR BLIND’. An undoubtedly guitar-driven track, the talented songstress nods to the likes of Eric Clapton with Bob McGilpin’s powerful guitar solos. Yet, while the guitar and underlying drums create a swirl of sound, it is the vocals that add a kaleidoscopic quality to the track.

Along with a provocative melody, ‘COLOR BLIND’ is controversially-insightful touching on areas of racism in modern society. The engaging lyricism can hit a nerve, but it is Annemarie’s sultry voice that really makes you sit up and take notice. Obscure in its tone and delivery, Annemarie elegantly exposes the uglier side of society. Smooth, but with a gritty intensity, ‘COLOR BLIND’ makes you sit back and question yourself.

“Blues has power, emotion and angst all rolled into one, so ‘COLOR BLIND’ is a blues rocker with dark lyrics meant to inspire thought and change in how we treat others who are different. “We’re innocent when we are born” and we learned to discriminate, yet we all desire love and acceptance.” – Annemarie Picerno on ‘COLOR BLIND’

A track written with the aim of questioning people’s beliefs and principles, ‘COLOR BLIND’ has a melancholic, almost condemning lilt to the lyricism. Yet, while the single does look at discrimination, Annemarie leaves one with a sense of optimism as “we all desire love and acceptance”.

Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Indie Spoonful Magazine, Indie Music Interviews and Upstream Indie (among many other publications), Annemarie Picerno is reaching an international audience. With her new track ‘COLOR BLIND’ she is sure to effortlessly build an even larger global fanbase.

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