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Track Review: Coming Round Again // Hybrid Kid

Inspired by the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Pavement, UK-based Hybrid Kid has a loud, energetic and infectious sound. Described as “bloomin’ fantastic” by BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson, the group are getting their music out there. More critical acclaim for their work comes from The Other Side Reviews, RGM, FV Music Blog and many other notable blogs, Hybrid Kid is making waves on the indie-rock scene. Known for their high-paced and hard-hitting music, Danny (vocals and guitar), Tim (bass) and Fabio (drums) release their latest single ‘Coming Round Again’.

Moving from the forceful punk-inspired ‘123’, ‘Coming Round Again’ adopts a gritty, grungier sound. This change in tone and tempo does not mean the music is less forceful; in fact, there is a ferocity belying the languid melody. A powerful bass with steady drums carries you along the river of sound, but the crescendo into an impressive guitar solo adds a robustness to ‘Coming Round Again’. I suppose, it’s Hybrid Kid’s way of bringing us back around to their evocative rock-influenced stamp.

Describing their new song as “bohemian swamp boogie”, ‘Coming Round Again’ has an infectious toe-tapping quality. While the harmonic melody is addictive, Danny’s brusque vocals enhance the poignancy of the track with beguiling ease. A reflective and insightful track, the lads ooze vulnerability in the sophisticated melody. Thing is, while there is a desperate fragility in ‘Coming Round Again’, the guitar riffs and bold vocals add a rich sensuality to the slick single. It’s utterly enchanting and can’t wait for more grunge from Hybrid Kid.

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