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Track Review: Conflicted // Jesse Brady

From a young age, US-based Jesse Brady understood the power of music and self-expression. With a love for creative expression, Jesse would spend her time making up songs with her mum, making movies with friends and performing in school plays. Needless to say, she was primed to be an artist and now we have Jesse Brady the singer and songwriter. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Less Than 1000 Followers, Pop Passion Blog and Right Chord Music, her music is reaching audiences across the globe. The latest addition to her well-received discography is the single ‘Conflicted’.

Pouring herself into her music, Jesse aims to connect with listeners on an intimate level through storytelling. The personal narratives in her songs exude intense vulnerability showing that no matter what your age or where you are, someone can relate to your tale. The single ‘Conflict’ follows this intense intimacy as Jesse explores the inner turmoil experienced when we listen to our hearts and mind simultaneously. The dichotomy is representative of tentative emotions, and she delicately observes human fragility in her music.

While the lyricism certainly encapsulates the feeling of being torn between logic and emotion, it is the melody that enhances the delicacy of ‘Conflict’. Moving from the acoustic folk ballad style of ‘Happiness Block’, ‘Conflict’ adopts a more staccato sound with pounding drums, soft guitars and Jesse’s soothing vocals. Oddly enough, while there is a flow through the smooth melody, a juxtaposing obscurity exists in the staccato beats finding the line between soft and hard in a kaleidoscopic soundscape. I might be overanalysing things, but it seems that Jesse tries to layer logical beats with whirling emotions in the textured tune.

Already a fan of Jess Brady, I find her old-school folk edged with contemporary edginess making her absolutely unforgettable.

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