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Track Review: Contigo // Weiners

At age 14, Fabio Gallozzi embraced his passion for music playing the electric bass. Only a year later he was performing with local bands across his native Naples. Delving further and further into his love for music, Fabio (also known as Weiners) began experimenting with genres ranging from rock and pop to blues and jazz. Featured on notable press like RGM, Indie Chronique, Rock It, and various playlists, Weiners is turning heads on an international level. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Contigo’.

In an interview with RGM, this Italian singer-songwriter shared that he began writing songs during the pandemic because of “…the need to express what I had inside…” With only three tracks to his name (including a remix of his single ‘Parthenope’), Weiners is still a newbie when it comes to releasing original material online. Yet, his newbie status is eclipsed by his sophisticated sound. I suppose that sophisticated flair comes from over a decade in the music industry and Weiners aim to share “…the message I want to convey through different genres.” – quote taken from the same interview with RGM.

On the heels of his single ‘Parthenope’, Fabio Gallozzi inserts flamenco obscurity into commercial pop with ‘Contigo’. Yes, Weiners is Italian and flamenco is traditionally Spanish but that doesn’t mean much when conveying messages through music. Melodically combining bold guitars with obscure percussion and emotive vocals, ‘Contigo’ adds a spicy warmth to the melody. Merely listening to this song sends you into a kaleidoscopic swirl of sound, and the dance vibes coming off it make it even more engaging.

I don’t understand the lyrics but what I get from the vocal execution is a flowing sensuality. Remember, Italian and Spanish are romantic languages and Fabio’s interplay with female vocals oozes sexiness. An anthemic song, I can easily see this track being played to a sold-out stadium as well as an intimate local gathering.

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