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Track Review: Continental Breakfast // Frank Nicolas

Meeting at a barbershop, Frank Nicolaas de Boer (vocals and guitar) and Micha Sprenger (backing vocals and slide guitar) bonded over Hank Williams songs forming the basis of a sensational duo. Influenced by Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash, Neil Young and the iconic Bruce Springsteen, Frank Nicolas lie somewhere between folk, country and rock. It’s not great to categorise artists, particularly the unique ones (like Frank Nicolas) but it does help people gain an idea of what to expect before hitting the “play” button. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Sinusoidal, De Groote Weiver and several playlists, Frank Nicolas is reaching international audiences. One of the latest addition to their repertoire is ‘Continental Breakfast’.

We all love continental breakfasts but, as Frank Nicolas shares “…the song [‘Continental Breakfast’] is not about food unless you want it to be.” Instead of talking about delicious eggs and bacon, the Netherlands-based pair touch on life journeys, inner peace and reflection. Combining the intimacy of Johnny Cash with the intensity of Bruce Springsteen, the band use a barebones approach to share a rather poignant message. It is this intimacy that shows the lads’ true sentimentality.

Alongside the heartfelt words executed by bold vocals, the melody has sincerity in itself. Acoustic-inspired with a somewhat raw and gritty guitar, ‘Continental Breakfast’ has a sombre ambience. The thing is, while ‘Continental Breakfast’ is basic in its tone, it has a kaleidoscopic quality of making you feel a plethora of emotions. The delicate steadiness elegantly proffers the tender message, but without being too much of a heart-aching ballad. I’m not into country music but Frank Nicolas may have just changed my mind.

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