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Track Review: Cool Grl // Maisyn

Combining the intimacy of Adele with the soothing tones of Taylor Swift and intensity of Joni Mitchell, Maisyn can captivate your soul with her stirring melodies. Despite being a guppie in an ocean of musical tunas, the US-based singer-songwriter has toured across the US east coast, performed at notable venues and featured in blogs like The Other Side Reviews, Atwood Magazine, Clunk and Earmilk reaching an international audience. Incorporating issues of identity in her intimate lyricism, Maisyn releases her debut single ‘Cool Grl’.

Most people in modern society find themselves aiming to be the “cool kid in town” – thanks celebrity culture! Yes, it is good to reach for the stars but not everyone can be Chrissie Teagan. Incorporating a depth of content and moving melodies, Maisyn shares a personal narrative exploring the desire to be a “cool girl” in the 21st century.

“Everybody loves and yearns, it’s just a matter of who will admit it or not. For most of my life I desperately wanted to be the “cool girl” because I was afraid that wanting to be wanted would turn me into a cliche. At this point, I’d rather be emotional and honest than nonchalant and bottled up.” – Maisyn on ‘Cool Grl’

Beautifully layered and textured, ‘Cool Grl’ incorporates commercial pop beatbox, synths, keys and guitars with Maisyn’s dulcet tones. While the melody has a power in itself, the vocals are dominant and take you on a heartbreaking journey through a poignant tale of heartache. While the lyricism has a melancholic tone to it, the vocals add robustness with a lingering sense of hopefulness amidst the wistful soundscape.

Oddly reminiscent of Alanis Morisette with the softness of Lana Del Rey, ‘Cool Grl’ is a kaleidoscopic anthem for any coming-of-age tale. A harmonic intertwining of warm vocals, captivating melodies and honest lyricism, Maisyn aims for the heart leaving you covered in goosebumps with ‘Cool Grl’. If this is her debut I cannot wait to see what else she has up her sleeve!

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