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Track Review: Cosmic // Shae Brock

Described by publications as “…a satisfying sonic revival of Laurel Canyon in the 60s”, US-based Shae Brock brings the sounds of yesteryear to modern-day music scenes. Merging elements of synth-pop, soft rock and dream-pop, Shae presents soothing, languid and chilled out sounds. Featured on Roadie Music, Surviving The Golden Age, This Is Pop, Lefuturewave and various online radio stations/playlists, she is reaching audiences across the globe. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Cosmic’.

Inspired by deep connections, personal experiences, special moments and nostalgic sentiments, ‘Cosmic’ is an intimate extension of Shae as a musician. Shae explains that her creative process involves being “…different songs and different stories and feelings and characters – like one big painting with all different colours”. This palette of colour is definitely seen and felt in her new single ‘Cosmic’.

Following her contemporary pop single ‘Dive In’, ‘Cosmic’ adopts a softer and more flowing musical arrangement. Creating a hazy ambience, listening to the track is like being placed in a misty wood without any clear directions. Yet, you do not fear being lost in this haunted forest because Shae’s spirit seems to guide you through the fog. Her rich vocals stand strong and true above the guitar and drum combination – something that is truly beautiful.

As I mentioned, Shae’s vocals are rich but there is a whimsical listlessness within the lyricism and tone. The lyrics point out an otherworldly concept in “…you feel like outer space, nothing to relate me and you to.” What I find most intriguing is how the lyrical concept matches the melody in a harmonic way. The depth and passion, but also a very clever arrangement, is what connects with listeners. Teetering on the cusp of nostalgic maturity and naive childish innocence, ‘Cosmic’ is sentimental, sincere and overwhelmingly spine-chilling…but in a good way!

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