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Track Review: Cruise Control // Sky Olson

Inspired by the likes of Ed Sheeran, Bruno Major and John Mayer, one would assume Sky Olson to have a rich, bold, endearing sound – and you wouldn’t be wrong. Based in the US, the eclectic artist brings together diverse genres belying his breath-taking vocals. This is my introduction to Sky Olson, but he has already established a loyal following with his prominent musical career. An award-winning artist, he is a two-time winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, and has featured on numerous playlists. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Cruise Control’.

Following his well-received track ‘Oxygen’, Sky Olson once again shares an intimate tale with his listeners. Looking at life in its entirety, Sky’s tracks have a personal narrative as he writes from his life experiences touching on heartache, meaning, anxiety and acceptance. In ‘Cruise Control’, Sky sings about sitting in “cruise control, asleep at the wheel and might lose control”.

Now, I know each person can interpret songs differently but for me, this is another look at that enigmatic world of relationships. Instead of saying “well, I like you and this could work”, Sky Olson points out how he feels comfortable, in control and accepting, but there is always the risk of losing his way. Intimate, heartfelt and elegant, ‘Cruise Control’ lies somewhere between Ed Sheeran and John Mayer – a little more John Mayer when you consider Sky’s warm vocals.

Sincere, sentimental, insightful and honest, ‘Cruise Control’ is a sophisticated song oozing with passion and poetic elegance. I can’t wait for more from this talented young artist.

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