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Track Review: Crushed (Get A Job) // Rattlesnake

Drawn together by their mutual love of garage, indie and psychedelic rock, Rattlesnake was formed in 2019. Yes, being members of the University of Warwick’s BandSoc did help bring the lads together; however, it was really a mutual love of rock that created Rattlesnake. Hailing from the UK, the Coventry-based fivesome is dedicated to breeding and sharing impassioned rock music for the 21st century. Blasting into 2021 with a bang, the group shares the first single off their upcoming EP.

Inspired by Idles, Gender Roles and Beach Riot, Rattlesnake brings together elements of alternative rock and pop-rock in a unique way. Reminiscent of Fall Out Boy and Paramore, the group has an upbeat, buoyant sound; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean the lyricism is superficial. In fact, ‘Crushed (Get A Job)’ shows great depth from the young band.

“This song is about that conversation that every musician has with their parents about “getting a real job”. It’s a song for all those who feel pressure to do something respected. All those who are being forced to change profession by the pandemic. All those who want to do what they love and feel like they’re being pushed away from it.” – Rattlesnake on ‘Crushed (Get A Job)’

On the surface, the jovial melody builds a toe-tapping swirl of sound with a chilled ambience. Thing is, if you scratch beneath the surface you find something far more substantial. ‘Crushed (Get A Job)’ seems to have simple content looking at “getting a job”; however, it touches on issues like anxiety, isolation, frustration and inner turmoil. The dynamic instrumentation is addictive, but it is Anita Hu’s vocals that add a sense of vulnerability.

Delicate in its robustness, Rattlesnake shows their true potential in ‘Crushed (Get A Job)’. A bright, spirited group but with a more complex layer, the band is breaking boundaries with their unique sound. This is definitely a band to keep on the radar!

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