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Track Review: crushin // Gallowayyys

The brainchild of singer-songwriter, producer and audio engineer Blake Alexander, Gallowayyys is a unique and unforgettable listening experience. Beginning his musical career as an undergraduate at college, Blake identified and began building his eclectic sound, much like the artist himself – “I never fit the mould of a traditionally masculine male, even though I’m attracted to women. I love doing my hair and nails, feel very comfortable in women’s clothing…I’m proud of my style…I love the diversity it brings.” Living in a world where society continues to dictate our behaviour or styles, it is refreshing to find a young man with such confidence. Now, back to the music.

Inspired by the underground pop punk scene in the UK and the Los Angeles indie scene, Gallowayyys music is bold and robust. Following his track ‘FISHING FOR KEYS’, he adopts a softer, soothing synth-driven tone in ‘crushin’. The brashness of punk exists in the single; however, it retains an electropop sensation with elements of hip-hop woven throughout the track. Cinematic and kaleidoscopic, ‘crushin’ is a bit of an acid trip but without the acid – more a sonic trip, if you get my meaning.

What I find interesting about ‘crushin’ is how the rollercoaster of sound aptly expresses the evocative nature of the song’s concept. Gallowayyys explains that ‘crushin’ touches on his days as “an innocent college kid who had a new crush every semester. Nearly every time I realised that my idea of a crush was always better than the real thing. The demystification I experienced during my many pursuits inspired this song…it is an eccentric hyper-pop song that speaks to the brief but intense situations we experience as a generation.”

Sincere, sentimental and reflective, Gallowayys hits it out of the park with his new single ‘crushin’.

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