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Track Review: Cut Diamond // Scarlet Joy

Formed in 2019, Scarlet Joy is the innovative musical project of three talented musicians. Drawing together their skills and sophisticated musicality, Sophia Woodcraft (vocals and guitar, Tom Latham (bass) and Drew Moore (drums) make music to entrance the masses. Described by Edgar Allan Poets as “intense and magical”, Scarlet Joy has been captivating people with its magical sound on a global scale. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Cut Diamond’.

Following their critically acclaimed sophomore single ‘Rescue’, Scarlet Joy explores human fragility in their rock-inspired track ‘Cut Diamond’. Recorded at a home studio – actually, it was Sophia’s mum’s farmhouse – ‘Cut Diamond’ has a rough and raw feel to the melody. Similar to the grunge meets alternative rock sound of ‘Rescue’, the new release offers a sense of palpable grittiness; however, there is a bit more haunting within the powerful guitars, pounding drums and rich vocals. I would compare the melody to Nirvana with Sophia’s vocals leaning toward Courtney Love, but the contemporary edginess makes it a song for modern-day audiences – fresh but also nostalgically familiar.

While there is an eclectic obscurity in ‘Cut Diamond’ with a heaviness lingering in the wistful ambience, this is not the only evidence of Scarlet Joy’s depth. Lyrically, the track has a more pensive and profound concept touching on human vulnerability. Sophia Woodcraft explains that ‘Cut Diamond’ “is a song about escapism and excess…it’s looking for love and acceptance in the wrong places. Making choices the night before that we regret the morning after.”

Sentimental, sincere and genuine but with brutal honesty in the rough melody, ‘Cut Diamond’ is a song that will stick in your head hours after listening to it. I cannot wait for more from this talented trio.

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