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Track Review: Daddy // Denizen

Formed in 2011 as an outlet for the pressures of daily life, Denizen is an energetic group melding folk, rock and elements of funk in their sound. Since their formation, the group has performed at notable venues like Bowery Ballroom and Brooklyn Bowl, featured on The Other Side Reviews and FV Music Blog, and gained a loyal following while doing all of this. While the US-based band began with five original members, several lineup changes led to the current trio including Dave Schafer, Pete Vale and Rashid Galadanci. The latest addition to their well-received repertoire is the single ‘Daddy’.

Described as an “upbeat murder ballad” by Denizen, ‘Daddy’ is a merging of Americana and country with some bluesy vibes courtesy of dynamic instrumentation. Beautifully arranged, each of the elements (including the vocals) has a degree of dominance in the single while fusing harmonically to create a cascading flow of music. Coming together with a contemporary kick, ‘Daddy’ is a swirl of sound in which you can easily lose yourself.

Yes, the melody holds you in the palm of its hands; however, it is the execution of the darker lyricism that is the core of ‘Daddy’. Seemingly jovial and buoyant on the surface, ‘Daddy’ get your toe-tapping, but the vocalist shares his tale of “heroism” using a haunting personal narrative. In the song, the protagonist believes he is “freeing the woman from what he perceives to be an abusive relationship by murdering her Daddy”. A simple storyline for sure, but there is a complexity within the lyricism showcasing the grittier side of infatuation and obsession.

Overall, I really like this track! A multi-faceted soundscape with a compelling core, ‘Daddy’ is a sophisticated genre-defying single. With a lingering whimsy, ‘Daddy’ is Denizen grinning with a lob-sided smile and mischievous twinkle in their eyes.

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