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Track Review: Dancing With Fire // The Violet Nines

Since their formation in 2020 (give or take), US-based band The Violet Nines has been sharing an eclectic, engaging sound with the masses. Loosely defining their music as “groove pop”, the lads and lady weave elements of jazz, funk, rock and R&B into a sonic delight. Featured on blogs, radios and various playlists, The Violet Nines are quickly reaching audiences on a global level – and we love it! The latest addition to their glowing repertoire is the single ‘Dancing With Fire’.

A vibrant six-piece, The Violet Nines are bold, rich and beautifully obscure. Following their track ‘Dead Wrong’, the multi-faceted group incorporate a strong funk flavour into ‘Dancing With Fire’ from the get-go. While the melodic and well-textured instrumentation is intriguing and makes the track toe-tapping, I must admit that the incorporation of a saxophone adds that something extra. Benjamin Cline’s skills with a sax bring both a groovy vibe to ‘Dancing With Fire’, as well as adding a slice of old-school funk to the track.

As I mentioned, The Violet Nines is an eclectic band with a loosely defined “groove pop” sound, so it makes sense that there are various genres blended together in a music melting pot. Hayley Lewis’ warm vocals weave jazz through the sonic tapestry bringing a sexiness to the powerful track. It is as if she is raising an eyebrow, giving you a cheeky grin and inviting you onto the dancefloor. Considering the track is about an obsessive type of love, the intoxication and resulting obsession with The Violet Nines make sense.

Obscure, intriguing and blood-pumping, The Violet Nines effortlessly get people dancing with ‘Dancing With Fire’.

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