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Track Review: Danny Wright // HELP

Adopting the punk rock DIY ethic, London’s pop-punk prince is an entirely independent and self-taught musician, songwriter and actor. All these elements tied up in a stereotypically pop-rock style of crazy hair, painted nails and ripped jeans – one might say a product of the MySpace-emo era but not really. Danny Wright‘s misunderstood sneer, focus on societal issues wrapped up in a high-paced, energetic package has increased his prominence in the UK pop-rock scene.

Embracing his self-reflection as part of the disenfranchised English youth, Danny’s new single ‘HELP’ is raw, desperate and somewhat haunting. The energetic melody complements his vulnerable vocals with a sense of bitterness and despair. Reminiscent of Green Day, All Time Low, Sum 41 and Blink 182, Danny Wright uses iconic styles of yesteryear to deal with the struggles of today’s young adults.

“I’m fed up of lying and pretending I’m alright. I traded my strength and all of my pride.” – ‘HELP’ lyrics

Acknowledging that he is not alone in his troubles, Danny uses a poignant narrative to rally young individuals to not only address societal struggles, but also to find a solution. Lyrically, a sombre track with an upsetting relevance to the sociopolitical situation in which people find themselves nowadays. Sad, but true.

While Danny cannot rectify the world with a song, ‘HELP’ is a three minute song to make people feel less ignored and more empowered.

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