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Track Review: Lover // Darwin & The Finches

Brash and bold, Darwin & The Finches are not just another UK-based alternative rock band, they are revolutionary artists who just happen to make music. Defiantly standing up to injustice and inequality, the lads from Blackpool will gladly “stick two fingers up to the boys in the club who don’t give a shit about anyone else”. With their compelling lyrics and engaging melodies, Darwin & The Finches “represent the unrepresented” in their new track ‘Lover’.

Aptly reminiscent of iconic rock revolutionaries like The Who, The Doors and Deep Purple, ‘Lover’ is a swirl of dynamic guitars, pounding drums and robust vocals. While no instrument (this includes vocals) seems to hold prominence, each element plays an essential role in the moving melody. With it’s flowing sound, the single is a harmonic representation of a moving ocean carrying one off to a world filled with optimistic potential.

Not necessarily aggressive or forceful in the execution of ‘Lover’, Darwin & The Finches seem to exude compelling defiance within a hazy soundscape. In fact, it may be the combination of soothing sounds with introspective lyrics that enhance the track’s poignancy. Brutally honest with a raw sentimentality, Darwin & The Finches connect on a deeper level with their intriguing single ‘Lover’.

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