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Track Review: David Christy Jones // Idiocy (ft. BenZo)

With over a decade in the music industry, performing and touring with artists like The Frank and Walters, Eugene Brosnan and Stephen Housden, FoxJaw, Royseven and many more, David Christy Jones has a wealth of knowledge regarding performing and songwriting at his fingertips. Receiving critical acclaim for his debut single ‘Virology’, David Christy Jones adds another track to his discography – ‘Idiocy’.

Incorporating elements of progressive rock, blues and rap, ‘Idiocy’ is an obscure, eclectic and very witty retort at the state of the nation. Adopting a DIY approach to things, and because Covid-19 has forced people to remain at home, ‘Idiocy’ was composed and recorded completely in David’s home studio in West Cork, Ireland.

A guitar-driven track, ‘Idiocy’ is a combination of Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and Otis Rush. David’s rich and throaty vocals lend toward the progressive rock of yesteryear, but it is the collaboration with rapper BenZo that adds the “modern flavour”. Bringing it back to the 21st century, BenZo and David embrace an obscure uniqueness in the arrangement and lyrical content of this sophomore single.

I am unsure as to what makes this track so captivating. Is it the initial clearing of the throat alerting me to the scathing single, or is it the blistering guitar riffs and solos throughout the track? Is it the way the powerful, “protest song” narrative is elegantly woven into amusing lyrics? Is it the way BenZo and David Christy Jones plaster their originality on traditional progressive rock and 90s rap? Perhaps it’s just the fact that ‘Idiocy’ is a slap in the face to wake up and smell the music? Regardless of the reason behind its captivating nature, I am enthralled by this addictive just under five minutes track!

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