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Track Review: David Ost // Fire In Alaska

Influenced by acts like Sam Fender, John Mayer and Dermot Kennedy, David Ost has a soothing, sensitive and sentimental sound. After releasing his debut single in December 2019, David’s career has taken an upward turn with features in The Other Side Reviews and Nova Music Blog, as well as supporting Tom Klose on his tour of Northern Germany. The latest release by this Hamburg-based singer-songwriter is the single ‘Fire In Alaska’.

“‘Fire In Alaska’ is a cinematic sound landscape illustrating the confrontation of a man and a woman, both trying to stand their ground in a relationship doomed to fail. Little did they know it’s about much more than just themselves, it’s about the relationship between planet Earth and mankind. I tried to depict the fall of the biggest relationship there is because it’s in all our lives every day.” – David Ost on ‘Fire In Alaska’

Touching on the issues of isolation, loss and anxiety, ‘Fire In Alaska’ has a melancholic and significantly sombre single. Yet, while there is an exposition of human fragility and vulnerability in the lyricism, it is the Sam Fender meets Ed Sheeran warmth that enhances sincerity and sentimentality.

Despite the poignant lyrical content, ‘Fire In Alaska’ is an upbeat folk-pop song with catchy choruses and addictive sound. The guitar-driven track is accompanied by underlying synths that place an additional dimension to David’s sound. Beautifully layered, the single has bold instrumentation; however, it is David’s vocals that bring an element of hopefulness, honesty and genuineness to ‘Fire In Alaska’.

Side note: David Ost has also released an official video for ‘Fire In Alaska’ that can be viewed below.

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