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Track Review: David Ost // The Deep End

Everywhere has something good about it, and a large city like Hamburg certainly offers some unique, well, offerings. From the Reeperbahn Red Light District to the world’s largest model railway to this statue with tons of locks on it overlooking a canal (apparently it’s to represent happy couples), Hamburg can be a very interesting place. My latest find from this German city is alt-pop singer-songwriter, David Ost. His latest release is ‘The Deep End’.

Ost’s second track in 2020, ‘The Deep End’, is a follow up to ‘Some Of Your Songs’ – a synth-laden pop song with catchy hooks and a smooth sound. Retaining the catchy pop elements of the track, ‘The Deep End’ has a Hozier meets Ed Sheeran with Shawn Mendes vibe; however, there is a bit of a rough twist to the mix.

Melodically, the carefully constructed song creates a cinematic presentation with acoustic guitars, electronic pads and catchy vocal samples. While some people may be overwhelmed by instrumentation, Ost’s vocals are true and clear using folk poetry to build his cinematic vision. The harmonious blending of simple guitar and heartwarming vocals contribute to a warm and sensitive song. What I find particularly intriguing is the throaty vocals with an indie edge melding seamlessly with the pop melody.

In ‘The Deep End’ Ost sings “we both know how this will end”. If I have anything to do about it, this will end with me convincing everyone to have David Ost on repeat.

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