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Track Review: David, The Giant // How Long (Is Too Long?)

Despite this being his first solo project, it is not David Behan’s first step into the music industry. A few years back, after moving from Ireland to England, David Behan co-founded the duo Little White Things. The pair were signed and published, but when “things fell apart” David wished to try something more personal; hence, we have the indie-pop project David, The Giant.

David, The Giant released his debut single ‘How Long (Is Too Long?)’ in August 2020. Recorded in his home studio (also known as his bedroom) and then finished in a friend’s home studio in Cornwall, David has jokingly described the track as “double bedroom pop”. A finishing collaboration with producer Ben Jackson (Kyla La Grange, Eliza Shaddad) on mixing and production added that extra touch to ‘How Long (Is Too Long?)’

“I always wanted to write an ‘end of summer’ song, so I set out to create something simple and warm. The lyrics touch on missed opportunities, silver linings and the longing for something new.” – David Behan on ‘How Long (Is Too Long?)’

Desiring to keep the track as classically indie-pop as possible, it features jangly guitars and upbeat vocals. Reminiscent of The Beach Boys, Flaming Lips and Pet Shop Boys, ‘How Long (Is Too Long?)’ is smooth, exciting and lively in a tranquil way. The incorporation of synths alongside the simple guitars create a wistful ambience that emphasises the nostalgic and meaningful concept. The real “cherry on the top” is David’s bold vocals seamlessly weaving into the basic instrumentation emphasising the poignancy of the track.

A smashing debut track, ‘How Long (Is Too Long?)’ is the first of several tracks to be released in the near future – three in the next few months, if you really want specifics. I look forward to what other hypnotic tunes are to come from David, The Giant.

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