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Track Review: I See You In The Dark // DD Allen

Transcending the boundaries of indie-rock, pop and folk, DD Allen is a genre-melding fivesome with a uniquely eclectic sound. Beginning his musical journey as a solo singer-songwriter, lead vocalist DD Allen soon expanded recruiting four additional artists to build a band. The group was formed in 2015; however, it has undergone several line-up changes before reaching this harmonic quintet.

Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Music For The Misfits and Music Crowns (to name but a few publications), DD Allen is building a strong following on an international scale. Yet, it is not only the independent blog reader that has come across the awesomeness of these UK musicians. In fact, DD Allen has been on the lips of several established artists for a while with James Blunt describing him as a “sort of cross between Jake Bugg and Neil Young with a great deal of honesty in his lyrics”. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is ‘I See You In The Dark’.

Inspired by Bruce Springsteen and the 80’s synth-pop sound, ‘I See You In The Dark’ brings the 1980’s guitar-driven style to the 21st century with a contemporary indie-rock vibe. Using prominent guitars, steady drums and soothing synths, DD Allen proffers a dynamic and moving track. Reminding me greatly of A-Ha, and for God’s sake don’t ask me why, ‘I See You In The Dark’ has an infectious head-popping quality alongside a deeper, moodier vibe.

The most intriguing element in ‘I See You In The Dark’ is the light vocals of DD Allen, but with a mature sense of poignancy in the content. Sincerity and raw honesty are the name of the game with this band, and this sentimentality is enhanced in the melodic new track. Like a golden strand within a torrential river, DD Allen shines brightly as a musical beacon of hope for the downhearted.

“I’m pretty introspective when it comes to songwriting and most of my songs are about events or observations that influence my life. I don’t intend my words to be taken too literally either. The song is written for everyone who parts with someone close to their heart and hopes they’ll be back someday.” – DD Allen on ‘I See You In The Dark’

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