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Track Review: Deep of the Night // zoozee

Inspired by the likes of Mariah Carey, Prince and Michael Jackson, US-based singer-songwriter zoozee brings old-school pop to modern-day music scenes. With only two singles to his name, including the most recent ‘Deep of the Night’, zoozee might be classed as a relative newbie. Yet, despite his newbie status, zoozee is already building a following for his unique sound. Featured on Roadie Music, The Other Side Reviews, Indie Dock Music Blog and Indie O’Clock, the pop artist has turned heads on an international scale. The latest addition to his discography is ‘Deep of the Night’.

The first release since ‘Vendetta’ in 2020, zoozee merges elements of synth-pop and commercial pop with underlying indie-rock tinges in ‘Deep of the Night’. Recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic from zoozee’s bedroom, the artist showcases his ability to capture your attention and take you on a journey through the song. What I find particularly intriguing about ‘Deep of the Night’ is the movement from a toe-tapping, body-swaying dance club theme song to a gruff and gritty rock ending. If you were to come in near the outro, you would assume ‘Deep of the Night’ is an alternative rock track; however, it is the incorporation of these different layers that makes the song genre-defying.

Highlighting his versatility and innovativeness as an artist, zoozee is reaching a wide audience with ‘Deep of the Night’. Yet, it is not only the boundary-breaking arrangement that captivates audiences but also the poetic lyricism. Simplistic and elegant, ‘Deep of the Night’ touches on lust, sensuality and idolisation. zoozee shares that the single is “an autopsy of the soul and expression of lust” – something that is very evident in the sound and execution.

So, what do I think of zoozee and ‘Deep of the Night’? Simply put, I love it! The hypnotic sound and sensual sentimentality speak to one’s soul and, well, it’s awesome! I can’t wait to see what else zoozee has in store.

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