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Track Review: Deja Vu! // Jack Frohlich

People seem to live on the internet nowadays with much time spent on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram – it rules our lives. Jack Frohlich explores this phenomenon by questioning the behaviour of people engrossed by social media in his latest single ‘Déjà Vu!’.

Influenced by the likes of Declan McKenna, Sports Team, FEET and Oscar Lang, Jack should have a rather unique sound, and he definitely does. Alex Pearson from Indie Central Music describes him as an artist that “…impressively, doesn’t come with a huge amount of comparison to other artists on the scene.” It’s not only Pearson who is singing Jack’s praises as he gains critical acclaim on Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing, UNXIGNED and The Other Side Reviews. Now, let’s delve into his latest song and see what we can find.

As I mentioned, Jack explores the consequential behaviour of people addicted to social media. Following his genre-defying five-track EP Silver Going Grey, ‘Déjà Vu!’ is a powerful indie-rock ballad. From the first second, Jack captivates you with noises that sound like a guitar being tuned before a performance but really set the mood for a song about the internet. From there, we dip into pure indie-rock which I might compare to established bands like The Kooks; however, Jack remains completely original. I truly do enjoy the English inflexion of his vocals as it adds a sense of rawness and intimacy to the track.

An interesting melodic arrangement makes ‘Déjà Vu!’ both soothing and distorted showcasing Jack’s innovativeness and eclecticism as an artist. My favourite part of the track regarding melody is how the infectious guitar solo melds with a catchy line but ends abruptly leaving you quite stunned with the sound. Skill and natural talent are necessary to create this intriguing effect, so I guess it’s safe to say Jack Frohlich has some skills. The melody is definitely a powerful force, but it is the sophisticated coupling of meaningful lyrics that makes ‘Déjà Vu!’ outstanding.

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