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Track Review: Desert Dusk // Youth Of Being Free

From the ashes of dissolved bands, Desert Dusk is a bright and shiny indie-rock phoenix creating a unique sound for the masses. Incorporating elements of hip hop, rock, indie and pop, the UK-based foursome have been on the scene for approximately four years. Since the release of their debut EP Mary Celeste in 2016, Desert Dusk has received critical acclaim for their work. The latest addition from the awesome foursome is their single ‘Youth Of Being Free’.

The follow-up to the well-received ‘Pickup Truck, and the third release this year, ‘Youth Of Being Free’ is a tearing away from their electronic foundation, leaving the lads far more exposed. With a rock and punk influence, the track showcases their vulnerability in a rather forceful way using powerful lyricism with moving instrumentation to take one on a musical rollercoaster. While the track embraces a heavier rock sound inspired by Led Zepplin and The Clash, it maintains the unique stamp of Desert Dusk.

“This is on the rockier side of the spectrum for us as opposed to our usual tracks which are more electronic rock. There are now keys, samples or drum pads used on this… Lyrics are inspired by The Clash, musically it’s a bit Led Zep, a bit Them Crooked Vultures with a spoonful of Royal Blood.” – Desert Dusk on ‘Youth Of Being Free’

Lyrically, the group touches on overcoming societal expectations to “feel free”. A seemingly sombre content, Desert Dusk sonically illuminates the joy and optimism lying therein. Adding David Drew’s husky vocals atop Stuart Barker’s high-powered guitars, Adam Jacobs’ pounding drums and Sergio Rubio’s underlying, but no less significant, keyboards, ‘Youth Of Being Free’ is passionate, engaging, energetic and slightly beguiling. A refreshing breath of fresh air into the rock scene, Desert Dusk demonstrate innovativeness, originality and boundary-breaking expertise. It’s clear that this group is not to be pigeon-holed.

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