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Track Review: Disappear // Under Neptune

The brainchild of Canada-based singer-songwriter Daniel Monteiro, Under Neptune combines elements of pop and rock with a contemporary edge. After his relocation to Canada, Brazil-born Daniel chose to embrace music and become a full-time musician. With the successful release of his debut studio track ‘Are You Still With Me?’ (ft. Felipe SM Wolfe) in 2020, Daniel is following his dream. Featured on notable blogs like Less Than 1000 Followers, Phork, Os Garotos De Liverpool, Rock Era Magazine and RGM (to mention but a few), the talented singer-songwriter is making waves internationally. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘Disappear’.

Hot on the heels of his song ‘You Are Not Alone’, Under Neptune adopts a flowing soft rock sound in ‘Disappear’. Combining dynamic guitars with pounding drums, Daniel inserts an alternative rock sentiment reminiscent of Foo Fighters and The Calling. Yet, while there is a contemporary style to the single, the track leans toward old-school rock sounds of the 80s and 90s. This is particularly interesting for me as the guitar acts as a bridge between different eras moving from softer, smoother sounds to a high-powered melody near the end. It is this kaleidoscopic arrangement that shows Under Neptune’s innovativeness as an artist.

The fourth track from Under Neptune’s upcoming album, ‘Disappear’ features vocalist Alexis Dimitriou with drummer Jordan Mcqueen. Along with Daniel’s bold guitar and Jordan’s drums, Alexis uses his bold, rich vocals to carry you through the intimate track. A heartfelt intensity is heard as he touches on following your dreams after dealing with difficult situations. This is a highly relatable topic, so the strength and tenderness of the personal narrative easily connect with audiences.

So what is my final opinion of ‘Disappear’? Overall, I like the strength of the song and cannot wait to hear more from Under Neptune.

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