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Track Review: Dive // Under Delusion

Tapping into the darker, more profound, gritty and uncertain areas of life, Under Delusion shares their fears, dreams, loss, anger and reflective insight in a powerful punch of music. Formed by three musicians well into their 30s, Under Delusion prove that with life experience comes introspection, sophistication and fearlessness to question those mistakes we make and the mistakes we have yet to make. Already fans of the trio, we are fascinated by their pushing boundaries and fusing genres taking a fresh approach to alternative rock with a nostalgic flair. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Dive’.

Following the well-received tracks ‘Over The Rainbow’ and ‘Runaway’, Under Delusion begin 2023 with ‘Dive’. Showing an evolution in their sound, ‘Dive’ has a strong synth-driven sound touching on old-school electropop and alt-rock; however, a hard rock tone exists in the melody adding a darker, heavier feel to the song. If I were to label ‘Dive’ and Under Delusion at this point, it would potentially fall into (but not completely) the realm of dark pop.

While the melody is something to capture your attention, it is the low-timbre female vocals taking ‘Dive’ from soul-stirring to blinding intoxication. Once again exploring the grittier side of life, Under Delusion tap into relationships, getting to know each other, building connections and all with a frustrating angst.

“How do you get to know another person? Do you do it slowly, sip by sip like an expensive wine or can you ruthlessly dive in the raging ocean until you touch the bottom? Should we stay together forever, or can one night bring you a sweet and thrilling feeling every time you remember it? ‘Dive’ is another dark and emotional story…” – Under Delusion on ‘Dive’

Sentimental, introspective and vulnerable, ‘Dive’ is a melancholic swirl in a gothic pool of sound headed by a light breeze of pop. Am I under a delusion when I say listening to Under Delusion is a sublime experience – if I am I don’t ever want to reach reality.

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