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Track Review: Quiet Frustrations // Divisions

With a mutual love for bands like Radiohead and Pink Floyd, London-based quintet Divisions is a contemporary alt-rock group for troubled times. Since the release of their debut LP Distance Over Time in 2015, Divisions have featured on notable publications like Huffington Post, The Other Side Reviews and A&R Factory. Their energetic music with insightful lyricism has also been shared with the masses on several online radio stations including the well-reputed Amazing Radio. Retaining their introspective and engaging sound, Divisions recently released their new single ‘Quiet Frustrations’.

The first single off their upcoming self-titled full-length album, Divisions begin 2021 with a triumphant bang. Taking note of the controversial sociopolitical circumstances today, ‘Quiet Frustrations’ is a sonic representation of anxious uncertainty. Combining dynamic guitars, synths and a steady drumline, the track is a fusion of post-punk with 80s synth-pop and twinges of indie-rock. While the melody has a robust richness with direction, there remains a hazy, whimsical ambience. Don’t get me wrong, the track has a languidness in which you can easily become lost; however, the bold vocals act as an anchor for listeners.

Interwoven in a delicate blanket of sound, the distinct vocals add a grittiness in the flowing melody promoting the concept of injustice, deception and overwhelming daily challenges. Teetering on the cusp of Joy Division post-punk and Radiohead grunge, ‘Quiet Frustrations’ have a poignant, heartwrenching depth with a tonne of grittiness.

If you’re interested, Divisions has released a live music video for ‘Quiet Frustrations’ lockdown-style!

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