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Track Review: Do You Remember? // Will Newman

With a reputation for honest, sincere and toe-tapping melodies, singer-songwriter Will Newman has another single for us to devour – ‘Do You Remember’. Blasting onto the music scene in 2018, the UK-based artist soon began captivating audiences with his authentic sound. Since then, he has featured on The Other Side Reviews, Picky Magazine, Come Here Floyd, BIRP FM, BBC Radio and many others. Building a following on an international scale, Will is certainly turning heads among critics and listeners alike. Now let’s look at that song we mentioned earlier.

Following on from the 80s synth-pop ‘Crazy’ and ‘Meditations on You & Me’, ‘Do You Remember?’ adopts a softer, smoother and steadier sound. Transitioning from synths and wistful, hazy ambiences, the new single showcases Will’s versatility as a more alternative pop tune. A melodic flow can be heard between the drums, piano and guitars; however, it is the solo guitar sessions that add a dollop of rock and soul to the mix. It’s this subtle mixture of sound that really demonstrates Will’s eclecticism. Yet, it is not only the melody that has a depth of content.

Touching on the concept of new romances, ‘Do You Remember?’ explores the, as Will puts it, “looking back on that first meeting with a new love interest and the rose-tinted ‘knowing’ that it’s already something special”. While the ballad has the air of hopeful innocence, there is a distinct air of introspective melancholia reflected in the lyricism. It is as if he is happy to have found someone but tentative about the progression of the relationship – a bit of a rollercoaster within a steady melody.

Filled with honesty, sentimentality and sensitivity, Will Newman has another heart-rendering tune to add to his list. Engaging and relatable, with a silky richness to his vocals, ‘Do You Remember?’ is a track you can easily listen to over and over and over and…well, you get the point.

In addition to the single, Will Newman released a lyric video for ‘Do You Remember?’. You can view it below:

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