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Track Review: Donnie Wilde // Ammo

Hailing from Cardiff, Wales, UK-based Donnie Wilde is sharing an intriguing and compelling sound with the masses. With his reputation for dreamy, eclectic melodies with a reflective ambience and insightful lyrics, Wilde’s music takes a new approach to 21st Century dream-pop. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist released his debut single ‘Ammo’ in October 2020.

Recorded in his home studio, ‘Ammo’ is a sociopolitically-charged track taking on issues of prejudice, racial inequality and hate crimes. Created as a song to support the Black Lives Matter movement, ‘Ammo’ has a poignancy to touch a person’s soul. The significance and sincerity of the track is enhanced by its simplicity in vocals and instrumentation. In fact, it is the heartbreaking and endearing tone of Wilde’s voice that makes ‘Ammo’ raw, desperate and painful…but really good to listen to.

“I created this song to support Black Lives Matter. The song is influenced by the killing of Sean Bell who had over 50 bullets fired into his car being killed on his wedding day.” – Donnie Wilde on ‘Ammo’

Important side note: All revenue generated by the single will be donated to Stop Hate UK. Stop Hate UK is one of the leading charitable organisations working to challenge hate crime and discrimination in the United Kingdom.

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