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Track Review: Dora Lachaise // Bone Collector

Described as “strangely haunting and atmospheric” by Jelli Records, Dora Lachaise is a singer-songwriter who travelled to the UK and hasn’t yet left. European in descent, Dora found herself drawn to the lively arts scene of Bristol…not to mention their cloudy cider. Using Bristol as her muse, she uses music as a form of self-expression and has penned an album’s worth of tracks since the pandemic hit. Her debut release is ‘Bone Collector’.

Residing in an attic overlooking Arnos Vale Cemetery, it seems apt that her first single would be entitled ‘Bone Collector’, but what is it really about? Perhaps the concept of death and how it embraces all of us at some point – well, not exactly. According to a caretaker at The British Museum, talking to the Egyptian mummies when handling them can keep them alive – metaphorically, of course. Touching on these elements of the afterlife, Dora explores the conversations of these deceased inhabitants and what they might be saying.

Winking at the likes of Danny Elfman’s compositions for Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas, ‘Bone Collector’ ushers in a unique soundscape with haunting vocals and wistful instrumentation. Layering simple acoustic guitars with her ethereal vocals, Dora whispers in a surreal ambience with this track. Using an “I’m not quite sure where that came from” vocal arrangement, Dora expertly demonstrates the conversations between the mummies taking you along for the ride.

While not necessarily a brutal assault on one’s senses, ‘Bone Collector’ elegantly engulfs one with its poetic beauty. Showcasing her innovativeness and versatility as an artist, Dora Lachaise makes a splash with her sophisticated and unforgettable debut single.

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