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Track Review: Dormant (ft. Nick Oliveri) // Bram Stalker

Merging elements of punk, alternative rock and metal, Bram Stalker is filled with rage, angst and aggressive enthusiasm. Reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age and Rancid, the Italian duo is the sonic representation of every gritty, grungy and dark thing in existence. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Destroy Exist and several online radio stations/playlists, the powerful pair release their forceful music on the world. While there are only three songs on Spotify, the group have been around since 2017; the latest single to their well-received discography is ‘Dormant’.

A collaboration with Nick Oliveri (QOTSA), ‘Dormant’ embraces the power of Queens of the Stone Age with the sting of Sex Pistols. In true punk rock style, the track touches on those issues that may seem taboo speaking unspoken truths in lyricism. A single about police violence towards civilians, ‘Dormant’ may seem a little provocative; however, it is songs like these that we need in today’s sociopolitical climate. A song that stands up to the abuse of power in an infectious and anthemic way. Yet, it is not only the hard-hitting lyricism that shows poignancy. Bram Stalker exudes ferocity in the melody as well.

A guitar-driven track, ‘Dormant’ showcases the outstanding skills of Andrea Maceroni laying a strong foundation for the song with the ear-splitting guitar riffs. Joined by Jacopo De Marco’s pounding drums and you have a track that will seep in through your pores and leave you gasping for breath. The thing is, while there is a jarring and abrupt quality to the melody it seems to flow in harmony with Andrea’s gruff vocals as his growling tone exquisitely matches the intensity of the controversial song.

Bold and brash, ‘Dormant’ is a clear indicator of Bram Stalker’s natural artistic talent. It is like having a punch to the face but with an all-consuming enchantment. The lads are definitely on my list and are the ones to watch in 2021!

Side note: Bram Stalker also released a music video for ‘Dormant’ and it can be viewed here.

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