Track Review: Dream Reimagined // Milyssa Rose

Milyssa Rose has a versatile sound pallete that includes dance, rock, and hip hop. The rock influences are present in her superb song, “Olly”. Her new song, “Dream Reimagined” is soulful and calming. I think the vocals are beautiful, they have a Shirley Bassey quality to them. while the drums have a jazzy bossa nova feel. This makes the song have a summery vibe, however at the same time this is built for an orchestra, and while there are the occasional trumpets, the instrumentation feels sparse without it. I think the lyrics are about a nightmare, judging by the chorus “if this is a dream, wake me up.” The chorus sounds vulnerable, which makes it captivating.With a song for everyone, there are big things on the horizon for Mylissa Rose. “Dream Reimagined” is a good song to relax to, and showing she’s not afraid to experiment in different styles.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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