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Track Review: Driver Roulette // Amory Beech

Often used as a catharsis, music can ease the mind and lift the soul from whatever difficulties you may be dealing with. This is the case with Amory Beech. The solo project of singer-songwriter and short filmmaker, James Walker, Amory Beech navigates the human mind with his unique sound. Lying somewhere between Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber and Avicci, the Australian artist is a refreshing breath of fresh air, particularly in these uncertain times. In fact, it was during the Covid-a9 lockdowns that his music was made known, so he’s pretty new in a way. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘Driver Roulette’.

Touching on issues such as alcoholism, sexuality, mental health and Catholic guilt, Amory Beech addresses people’s fragility in a rather delicate way. Exposing recklessness in ‘Driver Roulette’, Walker speaks about vulnerabilities in the poignant lyricism. Yet, while the track has a certain depth in its words, it is the execution that fully emphasises the meaning. With hushed vocals, almost to spoken word, Amory Beech evokes feelings of sincerity alongside raw, painful honesty.

While his debut single was well-received introducing him to the Australian music scene, it was his later singles that defined his sound – or at least showcases an evolution. From the progressive EDM to a more alternative pop design, Amory Beech illustrates his versatility and experimental nature. ‘Driver Roulette’ is particularly intriguing as the melody encapsulates emotion superbly. Simplistic combinations of soft synths and an interspersed keyboard creates a hazy ambience underlying the provocative lyricism.

Turning the head of several curators, including The Other Side Reviews and iHeart Radio, Amory Beech is gaining a reputation for moving music with kaleidoscopic melodies. This is my first taste of Amory Beech but I look forward to many more singles! Definitely one to watch!

In addition to his single, Amory Beech released an official music video for ‘Driver Roulette’. It can be seen below:

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