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Track Review: Drunk // Gary Splaine

Merging elements of indie-pop with dream-pop undertones, Gary Splaine is an innovative pop artist for the 21st century. Yes, we used the term “pop” quite a bit there but it’s difficult to steer clear of the word when the artist is just pop-tastic! Originally part of a duo, Gary chose to embrace his solo project with a self-titled debut release in 2019. The well-received EP was followed by his critically acclaimed Stranger in 2020, and now we have Gary doing his thing in the latest single ‘Drunk’.

Featured on blogs like Our Sound Music, Roadie Metal, Lost In The Manor and several online radio stations/playlists, Gary is capturing audiences on an international level. Armed with dynamic guitars, pounding drums and rich vocals, ‘Drunk’ is a trip down a whirlpool of sound. Given that the song touches on love and lust, it makes sense that the arrangement would be heavy-hitting. As such, the fuzzy ambience is not necessarily a soothing one but underlies a more jarring, heart-pumping beat.

According to Gary, he “aimed for the use of sounds to be simple and powerful” – a task superbly achieved; however, it is the depth of lyricism that makes the track quite poignant. Gary explains that “the lyrics are about being in love with someone you’ve only just met and can’t be in love with because you already have someone”. Now, I won’t say this is something I’ve experienced (unless you consider celebrity crushes), but the recognition of falling for one person while having another does connect with listeners. Its intimacy and tenderness are clearly showcased with Gary’s bold tone, while there is also a confusing inner turmoil lingering in the background.

Overall, I quite enjoy ‘Drunk’. It has a brutal honesty in it with a sentimental tenderness throughout. I can easily see people enjoying this track when drowning the sorrows in several pints of beer.

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