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Track Review: Earthquake Don’t Give A Fuck // Destroy

One of the best things about working for a music blog is discovering bright and shiny new bands. Today, I discovered punk rock five-piece Earthquake Don’t Give A Fuck.

While the initial plan for EDGAF was a duo with founders Keith Waggoner and Greg DePante, they soon realised that drums and a guitar weren’t enough. In mid-2019, they recruited Kevin McLaughlin (bass), Greg Rushin (guitar) and Shannon De Jong (viola). After DePante moved to Oakland in late 2019, he was replaced by drummer Brandon Goldstein, hence we have the current EDGAF lineup.

Two months after their performance at Los Angeles Echo Park Rising Music Festival, the group began recording their self-titled debut album enlisting the help of veteran producer Manny Nieto. Fun fact: all nine tracks on this album were tracked live with vocals being recorded separately. ‘Destroy’ is not only the first single off the upcoming album, but also EDGAF’s debut single.

A fast-paced, high-powered, blow your socks off single, ‘Destroy’ discusses issues of broken relationships and the consequential hostility of the matter. The overly energetic (but in a good way) melody is typical of punk-rock anarchy, but is so right to emphasise the lyrical content. Lending towards more alternative rock, the textured vocals are far steadier amidst a chaotic melody – once again, in a really good way.

The once thing that sticks with me is the lyric “I hate you”. It is, to me, the most audible part of the vocals. Perhaps this is merely to increase awareness of aggression in the track and concept.

Overall, I just like it. It sends shivers down your spine, reverberates in your body and blows your mind. So, not only is the band name memorable, but the song is so addictive you won’t forget ‘Destroy’ too easily.

Earthquake Don’t Give A Fuck release their debut single on September 18th and an official video for ‘Destroy’ on August 24th.

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