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Track Review: Easy (On The Eyes) // Sarantos

With creativity oozing from every pore, Sarantos shares his artistry in various forms ranging from being a book author, radio show host, poet and singer-songwriter. For approximately seven years, the US-based musician/writer/radio presenter has made his way into people’s lives sparking passion in each of them. Critically acclaimed, he has featured on ParaPop, Edgar Allan Poets, Rising Artists Blog, Indie Music and Find No Enemy (to name a few). He has also been nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards, Hollywood Songwriting Awards, Josie Music Awards, and the International Music & Entertainment Association Awards. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘Easy (On The Eyes)’.

One aspect of Sarantos’ musical project is how he aims to release material each month (for the rest of his life). To date, he has released 14 albums with 178 original tracks, as well as 7 fiction books that parallel the songs. Using a melodic arrangement of guitars, drums and Saranatos’ rich vocals, ‘Easy (On The Eyes)’ is a pop fantasy made reality. Slathering contemporary pop atop a soft indie sound, this indie-pop track has a powerful punch in its soothing presentation.

Unlike the typical commercial pop singles, Sarantos not only shows his toe-tapping, head-swaying pop-ness in ‘Easy (On The Eyes), but his versatility as a vocalist as well. What I mean is, amidst the charming lyricism, there is a brief moment when he delivers high-paced lyrics that are a bit of a shock at first listen. I suppose, it just shows he can be Jason Mraz and Kendrick Lamar simultaneously.

Following his single ‘I Wish’, ‘Easy (On The Eyes)’ showcases versatility not only in lyricism but in melodic style. While ‘I Wish’ is a melancholic, electronic-driven single, ‘Easy (On The Eyes)’ is a light-hearted jovial track with a sense of cheery warmth. If Sarantos plans on releasing a new single each month, I’m definitely up for it. Can’t wait to hear more!

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