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Track Review: Easy Way of Livin’ // Echo Coast

If Radiohead were to have a lovechild with Nirvana, but it was raised by Ash, the chances are Echo Coast would be it. The solo project of UK-based singer-songwriter James Hobbs, Echo Coast is, as described by James, “a project I put together last year [2020] looking to experiment further with my songwriting”. A rather new artist with only a few singles to his name, the one-man band has few reviews; however, this doesn’t mean he isn’t turning heads. Featured on Less Than 1000 Followers, Radio Reverb, BBC Introducing and several playlists, James is slowly building a name for himself in the UK rock scene. We are pleased to introduce you to Echo Coast with his single ‘Easy Way of Livin’

The follow-up to his four-track EP Fear & Loathing, Vol. 1 where James showcases his versatility with various genres, ‘Easy Way of Livin” is a softer single. A strong grunge/garage rock track, there are hints of Ash with undertones of The Doors. As with many grunge songs, there is a grittier tone to the smooth song increasing a sense of melancholic nostalgia. Recorded with producer Rob Quickenden at Ford Lane Studios, Echo Coast captures you and throws you straight into this gritty, heavy and haunting sound.

Touching on aspects of inner turmoil, isolation, anxiety and frustration, ‘Easy Way of Livin” examines the fragility of the human soul in confusing situations. James explains that the single is “about finding your place in life when the odds are stacked against you.” His husky vocals meld effortlessly with the dynamic guitar and strong basslines adding to the poignancy of the track. I can easily see ‘Easy Way of Livin” being played at full volume as you stare at your bedroom ceiling trying to “figure it all out”. It’s nice to see a refreshing breath of garage rock in a stagnating scene.

Side note: ‘Easy Way of Livin” is the first release from Echo Coast’s upcoming concept album.

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