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Track Review: Echo Kings // Conquer The World

Originally formed in 2009, Echo Kings is an amazing seven-piece group with a unique and interesting sound. Influenced greatly by the iconic pop and rock groups Queen, The Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Stevie Wonder and Supertramp, Echo Kings lean toward an indie-pop/pop sound – if we are to label them with modern genres. Yet, while there is a commercial pop sound, this talented Boston-based group drag 1990s pop into the 21st Century.

After undergoing a long hiatus, Andy Wesby (vocals, keys and synths), Sean Cronin (guitar), Shon Gordon (bass), Chris Enright (bass and synths), Marcos Valles (drums) and Conran Henley (drums) came together once again to release music as Echo Kings in late-2020. The latest single from this group is ‘Conquer The World’.

Recorded in Boston, ‘Conquer The World’ is an intriguing collaboration between the existing lineup, female vocalist Taylor Deneen and seven other male singers for the backing gang vocals. While this conglomeration of over 14 performers could seem quite frenzied and hurried, Andy ensures cohesiveness and harmony between the players. In fact, the danceable melody flows easily above the powerful Michael Jackson meets Tony Hadley vocals.

“‘Conquer The World’ is a pleading message to the singer’s lover that life is better and anything is possible when together. The song is meant to be a personal message to that woman, but also a universally appealing song that is fun and filled with bouncy optimism.” – Echo Kings on ‘Conquer The World’

Created using the styles of 1980s pop, ‘Conquer The World’ is quite a synth-driven track, but the combination of dynamic instrumentation under Andy’s gentle lead vocals makes for a laidback, easy-going track. While complicated in its design, the simplistic message of an endless love and passion shines through.

It is difficult to describe Echo Kings and ‘Conquer The World’, but here we go. Very emotive and soul-stirring, Andy Wesby and his crew throw one into a hazy swirl of sound. It’s as if they ensconce you in a whirlpool of sound with Andy’s dulcet tones being the lifeline amidst a hazy, sentimental melody.

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