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Track Review: Collide // Eckotrigger

Founded in London in 2016, vocalist Joel Alexander and instrumentalist Paul Dogra combined their composing and production skills to form Eckotrigger. Potentially tossed into the electro-pop genre, although their sound is a combination of New Wave, synth-pop and some alternative rock, Eckotrigger is breaking boundaries with their intriguing music.

Initially beginning as The Ultra, Paul and Joel released their debut EP When The World Turns Out Its Lights via indie label Platform Records; however, it was in 2020 that the UK-based duo worked individually on original material with a rebrand in mind. 2021 is a brand new year for the lads with Eckotrigger’s debut single ‘Collide’.

Despite the relatively new status of Eckotrigger, their eclectic identity has been embraced by various press including radio interviews with the BBC. In addition to being an exciting fusion of sounds, this post-punk meets alternative rock gem has a lyrical poignancy touching on issues of mental health. While ‘Collide’ can carry one off on a journey of wistful ambience, it is the dynamic lyricism acting as an anchoring concept for contemporary society.

Melodic and soothing, the single has a haziness to it; however, it is Joel Alexander’s gruff vocals that introduce a grittiness to the raw honesty of ‘Collide’. Reminding me greatly of Rammstein’s Till Lindemann with the coarse tones, Eckotrigger’s music flows through the veins but also rattles your soul. Showcasing their versatility as a duo, ‘Collide’ is compelling but also proffers sobriety that makes you pay attention instead of just listening to a melody.

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