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Track Review: Eilis Frawley // Darkest Truth

Trained as a percussionist, Berlin-based Eilis Frawley has a unique skill to enthral the senses and captivate the mind. A former member of Party Fears, Frawley embraced a solo career using her skills as a percussionist and self-taught drummer. Songs formed quickly for this singer-songwriter and she soon joined forces with the UK-based independent record label Reckless Yes. The latest addition to her growing repertoire is the single ‘Darkest Truth’.

Known for her innovative and experimental sound combining synths, percussion and spoken word, Frawley shares experiences in a brutally honest way. ‘Darkest Truth’ is a bone-chilling, spine-tingling look at modern life and sexual assault. The clever arrangement of synths beneath her compelling vocals shoves you into her spider’s web of desperation, pain and shame. Reminding me of Neil Hilborn’s “in-your-face” poetry, ‘Darkest Truth’ is potentially the most moving and haunting track I have heard all year.

“This is the scariest thing I’ve put out into the world, but I’m learning sometimes it’s okay to be scared. There’s still a stigma around sexual assault and as a society we are constantly downplaying the reality. We need to keep talking about it, we need to be louder.” – Eilis Frawley on ‘Darkest Truth’

‘Darkest Truth’ is Frawley’s second single to come off her upcoming EP Adult Life.

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