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Track Review: EJ Mann // It’s Automatic

After receiving critical acclaim from BBC Radio 1, performing at O2 Wireless Festival with The Who, UK-based indie-rock band The Call started making a name for themselves, but then it went downhill… After dissolving, member EJ Mann decided he wasn’t going to sit back, sell his instruments and put his musical dreams aside. Instead, he picked up his guitar and embarked on a solo project. An EP, recording sessions with renowned producer Jeff Blue, and some performances later, EJ Mann is making waves on both sides of the Atlantic. The latest addition to his discography is ‘It’s Automatic’.

Formed, if you can say that for a solo project, in late-2019, the Yorkshire multi-instrumentalist is breeding a new type of rock and roll. Inspired by artists like Oasis, Editors and Arctic Monkeys, one would expect a leaning toward indie-rock; however, EJ Mann’s sound is far more eclectic. Incorporating his Rod Stewart and Little Richard influences, ‘It’s Automatic’ is a 90s rock and roll track with a contemporary twist.

Touching on controversial topics such as mainstream media, herd mentality and toxic societal norms, ‘It’s Automatic’ can be seen as something of a protest song…but not really. It brings to light the negative effects of propaganda, the stamping out of individuality and the destructive normalisation of these issues.

“‘It’s Automatic’ tackles the mainstream media and large organisational views on dictating how we are marketed to and sold ideas automatically through various social channels. In turn, we as a population seem to be herded into decisions that ultimately harm us as a whole… Almost as though we are remotely controlled on autopilot.” – EJ Mann on ‘It’s Automatic’

Using bold instrumentation, ‘It’s Automatic’ is a guitar-driven track representing the forceful retaliation against a dystopian society. The compelling lyricism is elegantly expressed with EJ Mann’s throaty and powerful vocals – while still maintaining a delicate endearment and charm. Reminding me greatly of Rod Stewart, but with some more conviction in his music, ‘It’s Automatic’ is overwhelming sincere, stirring and honest single.

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