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Track Review: El Poder Del Cant // Periscopi Invertit

The English translation is “reversed periscope” but this UK-based band prefers to go by Periscopi Invertit. Personally, I think the Spanish is much cooler but the group’s coolness goes further than the band name. Combining African rhythms with Catalan folk, the female-fronted foursome break boundaries in both a sonic and geographical sense. Merging sounds from the Mediterranean and Africa brings together cultures, shows diversity and is wonderful on the ears.

Featured on notable blogs like The Other Side Reviews, Less Than 1000 Followers, Rising Artists Blog and various playlists, Periscopi Invertit is reaching audiences on a global scale. Not only this, but the multicultural band has become an established name in the London indie scene performing at Jam In A Jar, The Ritzy and The Jago. The first of their what I’m sure will be a well-received discography is ‘El Poder Del Cant’.

Inspired by the “…value of multiculturality in our global societies and the preservation of minority backgrounds through music”, ‘El Poder Del Cant’ adopts a conceptual theme for the 21st century. Yes, it is a tale being told by the group but there is a much deeper meaning behind the story – an allegory if you will. Laura Guarch uses her bold, rich vocals to tell of a man who was jailed for playing music; however, when the king hears the music he decides to release him believing he is a talented artist unable to commit a crime. It’s kind of a Footloose type story but with music instead of dancing.

To bring this endearing tale to life, Periscopi Invertit uses a plethora of instrumentation in a flowing melodic arrangement. Combining the skills of Mireia Carbonell (bass), Yaz Fentazi (oud and drums), Daniel Louis (steel pan), Nicola Rizzo (flute), Zac Gvi (keyboard) and Karim Dellali (percussion), the group captivates you from beginning to end. In addition to merging the various instruments effortlessly, the changing in pace and elements is outstanding with transitions bringing out the different parts of the story.

While I am left gaping at the mesmerising music, I find the incorporation of various solos intriguing. My favourite has to be Nicola’s flute as it adds a lightness to the Meditteranean beat. Toe-tapping and mindblowing, ‘El Poder Del Cant’ is something everyone should hear and will definitely be on my personal playlist for months to come.

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