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Track Review: Elyse Aeryn // Salt

Hailing from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canadian Elyse Aeryn started breaking musical boundaries in her late-20s after entering the world of chemical engineering. After releasing several folk-inspired singles, this songstress started defining her unique sound in the alternative/indie-pop scene. The latest addition to her repertoire, and the first self-produced material, is the single ‘Salt’.

The first track from an upcoming five-track EP, ‘Salt’ is the musical expression of Elyse’s personal reinvention and spiritual awakening. Fusing elements of commercial pop with folk, ‘Salt’ has prominent synths; however, it is mostly a piano-led ballad. Using a simple piano baseline combined with clear acoustic vocals, Elyse has produced a captivating and compelling track.

Sincere, honest, engaging and very catchy, ‘Salt’ is a heartwarming single from this singer-songwriter. I can’t wait to see what else Elyse Aeryn has up her sleeve.

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