Track Review: Embarrassed To Know Ya // Talitha

Invoking the warmth of Bruno Mars and the quirkiness of Billie Eilish, Talitha is a pop sensation waiting to happen. Fusing elements of electropop with indie-pop undertones, the Australian singer-songwriter is breeding a unique contemporary sound. Featured on Less Than 1000 Followers, Scenestr, Amrap and other online radio stations, Talitha is making waves on an international scale. Following the critically acclaimed ‘New Years’ and ‘Can’t Let Go’, ‘Embarrassed To Know Ya’ is hitting the airwaves.

Upbeat and filled with bubblegum pink joviality, the infectious ‘Embarrassed To Know Ya’ will have you twirling around within a few seconds. Enthusiastic and exciting, the track moves away from Talitha’s funk meets R&B sound adopting hip-hop meets indie-pop approach. Not exactly synth-laden, but with strong beatbox foundations, the single has a contemporary edge. Interestingly enough, Talitha showcases a synth-inspired track but with underlying guitars.

While the track seems lighthearted, there is a seriousness to the lyrical and melodic content. A sonic representation of, well, growing up, ‘Embarrassed To Know Ya’ focuses on the soulful elements of moving from childhood to adulthood. Talitha’s moving vocals execute meaningful, insightful and slightly nostalgic lyrics; however, it is the instrumentation that really captures the song’s concept.

Beginning with wistful commercial pop, Talitha illustrates a childlike innocence. Yet, as the song progresses mild changes are made and ‘Embarrassed To Know Ya’ ends with a flourishing guitar outro. The clever transitions depict a mature acceptance, tolerance and understanding of relationships and oneself. Sophisticated in its simplicity, ‘Embarrassed To Know Ya’ can easily be used as a theme song in those coming-of-age films.

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