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Track Review: Embrace The World // Kevin Walsh

Embracing his passion for music at an early age, singer-songwriter Kevin Walsh was singing before he could talk. Fascinated by all performing arts as a means of self-expression, the Irish artist has worked as a musician, actor, arranger and producer. While he has only one single to his name, Kevin is already turning heads with features on The Other Side Reviews, Sinusoidal Music, We Write About Music, Shaking Godspeed, and various playlists. Come with us as we take that proverbial leap into his music.

Inspired by Michael Jackson, Bob Geldof and Irish Women In Harmony’s supergroup projects, Kevin Walsh’s ‘Embrace The World’ brings together a plethora of musicians. With diverse vocal styles and musical influences, this eclectic single features Emma Langford, Lisa Curran, Ger O’Hanlon, Molly Lynch, Rebecca Houlihan, Mark Daly, Caroline Kay and Stephen Gormley – I think that’s all of them. The formation of this supergroup is as significant as the track’s theme of Autism Awareness. Kevin explains this diverse sonic representation as alluding “… to the variety within Autistic diagnoses as each person on the spectrum is an individual with different support needs and ranges of abilities”.

Having been diagnosed with Autism as a child, ‘Embrace The World’ is highly significant and personal for Mr Walsh. While many people still consider speaking about Autism taboo, ‘Embrace The World’ takes a different stance and oozes empowerment. Melodic and harmonic, the vocals seem to meld into another creating a laidback, charming and enchanting song. As with the iconic ‘We Are The World’, there is a soul-stirring evocativeness to the track. What I find particularly interesting is how the different styles elegantly fuse as one big voice shouting to “embrace the world”.

It’s difficult to describe ‘Embrace The World’ because of its melting pot of sound. Gruff but smooth, harsh and abrupt but with a soothing charm, the song is unique in every way. This is Kevin Walsh’s debut track, and I cannot wait to see what else he has in store for us.

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