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Track Review: Emerald Causeway // Shanghai Treason

Shanghai Treason’s brand of hillbilly punk is awesome. The last song I heard by them was ‘Can’t Even Hang a Man Right’, a scathing criticism of the government’s handling of Brexit. Now, they are back with a brand new song, ‘Emerald Causeway’, which is taken from their upcoming debut album. The band’s recording process for the album was bouncing ideas back and forth, then they fleshed these ideas out at  Arch Audio recording studio in Mansfield. This demonstrates the pandemic didn’t stop them from recording, and the passion is coming out in this new song.

‘Emerald Causeway’ is a fast punky song. The guitars and banjo work very well because they could suit a moshpit. They are fast, furious, and intense, hitting the listener with breakneck speed. It is captivating because you won’t hear anything like it. Shanghai Treason have bee compared with Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphy’s, however, they bring their own twist to Celtic Punk.

 ‘Emerald Causeway’ is the soundtrack to better times ahead, and should propel Shanghai Treason onto bigger things.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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