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Track Review: Endgame // Seven Layer Piano Cakes

The musical project of attorney and law professor Justin Hoyt, Seven Layer Piano Cakes brings an eclectic sound to the world of music. Now, Justin Hoyt might be a legal professional, but he also has strong roots as a musician. A classically trained pianist and vocalist, he has released several well-received singles and EPs. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Tinnitist, Sinusoidal Music, Obscure Sound, Buzz Music and We Write About Music, this singer-songwriter is reaching audiences across the globe. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is ‘Endgame’.

Following his single ‘Remy’, ‘Endgame’ is an intricate combination of haunting lyricism and intoxicating melodies. Synth-laden with pounding drums, ‘Endgame’ falls somewhere between dream-pop and indie-pop with some new wave undertones. Then again, it’s not very easy to categorise Seven Layer Piano Cakes as he is genre-defying. What I do know is that ‘Endgame’ has a soft, flowing melodic arrangement sending you drifting within a kaleidoscopic soundscape.

The melody is significant when it comes to music, but the lyricism often showcases the depth of the artist. Dark with an ethereal ambience, ‘Endgame’ can touch the soul and the vocals continue to push the wistfulness of the track. Justin’s dulcet tones merge with emerging artist VRL’s harmonic soprano ending chills down your spine.

One of the tracks from Seven Layer Piano Cakes’ Chess Trilogy of songs, ‘Endgame’ touches on the complexity and vulnerability felt when ending a long-term relationship. Desperation and anxiety ooze from the vocals as ‘Endgame’ explores human fragility. Yet, while the track has melancholic material, the melody retains that smile-inducing whimsical quality.

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