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Track Review: Enemy // Violet Temples

The brainchild of singer-songwriter Justin Venrick, Violet Temples is a project to make good music and cover important topics. Based in the USA (Ohio to be exact), Justin has captured the interest of audiences across the globe. After the release of his debut EP Polaris, Justin found Violet Temples featured on various blogs including Stereo Stickman, Chalkpit Records, Less Than 1000 Followers, Broad Tube Music Blog and several playlists. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘Enemy’.

Described as being reminiscent of Allie X, Carly Rae Jepsen and Sigrid, Justin has a notably pop-influenced sound, however, he does place an original stamp on the material. Following his critically acclaimed EP Polaris, this singer-songwriter adopts a more jovial contemporary sound as compared to the heavy synth-laden tracks. Easily compared to Charlie Puth, Justin combines an electronic, almost dream-pop style with a commercial pop design. The result is an upbeat single to be played alongside Katy Perry or Charlie Puth in any playlist.

What I find intriguing about ‘Enemy’ is the juxtaposition between a simplistic electropop sound and poignant lyricism. Touching on elements of self-doubt, anxiety and inner conflict, ‘Enemy’ is about finding those flaws and questioning how they are “dragging you down”. Justin shares that he was “…embarrassed about myself. I wanted to break the cycle and in order to do that I had to look at myself and realise what I have been doing wrong.”

Using a personal narrative, Justin effortlessly connects with listeners exposing their vulnerabilities. Yet, while there is a fragile exposition of his sensitivity, ‘Enemy’ also has positive qualities in its creation. Justin shares that “…’Enemy’ is a sort of self-callout with loving intentions, in a sense almost like an intervention.” It is this intervention that prompts self-empowerment and hopefulness.

Overall, I really enjoy ‘Enemy’ and think it is a highly sophisticated look at the human soul. Funky beats represent the hope of change, but the melancholic lyrics indicate Justin’s sentimentality and sincerity. This is a dude you need to watch!

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