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Track Review: every tear is a prayer // Renee Stahl

Known for her engaging lyricism and rich melodies, Renee Stahl is almost a household name in the mainstream music scene. Soothing with a sense of wistfulness, she captivates your heart with only a single chord. Featured on Indie Top 39, Maxazine, iHeart Radio and Buzz Music, Renee is creating waves on an international scale. Performing with the likes of Maya Angelou and Lisa Loeb might also be a benefit. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed discography is ‘every tear is a prayer’.

Describing her sound as “music that makes you feel happy and sad at the same time”, Renee’s tunes are highly evocative. Recorded and co-written with Rich Jacques, ‘every tear is a prayer’ aligns ethereal ambience with poignant lyricism. Following her single ‘Until Tomorrow’, Renee moves from pop to a folkier vibe.

An acoustic-inspired single, ‘every tear is a prayer’ is piano-led with charming vocals to create a cascade of harmony; however, the steady underlying drums act as an anchor amidst this swirl of sound. Soft and flowing, the track has a whimsical quality but with a touch of nostalgic melancholy. Oddly enough, the track has a haunted feeling but the sense of vulnerability is enhanced and overcome. Empowerment is the name of the game with this eclectic single with a lingering sense of fragility.

“This song is about finding yourself in the most vulnerable place. Of losing someone you care so deeply about. The struggle with knowing you need to let go as they do the same.” – Renee Stahl on ‘every tear is a prayer’

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